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Odyssey  Company exists from the year 2013, One of the key areas of our work is tourism for the disabled. Since our founding, We put together and executes  accessible tours in Israel for people with disabilities.

Our main goal is to find creative solutions that will enable tourists with physical disabilities and special needs to travel and enjoy themselves in  friendly and accessible surroundings. We aim to create a service structure that will allow our guests to travel freely, knowing that their needs are taken care of by knowledgeable caring people. We suggest only destinations, products and services that are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations or disabilities or age.

Our services include:

  •  Customized travel for groups and individuals throughout Israel

  •  Pre-arranged group tours that are kept small so the needs of each client can be attended to

  • Private car tours

  • Shore excursions and day tours

  • Services for independent traveler: accessible hotel accommodation, transportation and equipment rental such as scooters

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